Pre-Code Horror Comic Book Stories Come To Life in Witch Tales

Fans of 1950s pre-code horror comic books will love the stories presented in WITCH TALES, a feature length horror anthology film based upon Golden Age comics of the late 40s and early 50s.

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Witch Tales (2020) Pre-Code Comic Book Origins

The new feature length horror anthology movie WITCH TALES (2020) is based upon pre-code horror comic book stories of the 1950s from a variety of publishers.  One of the most well known publishers of the time was Jerry Iger and his Iger Shop.  Helmed by editor and story writer RUTH ROCHE, the Iger Shop employed many artists who made assembly line comic book stories to keep up with the many monthly titles offered by Ajax-Farrell and other pre-code comic book publishers.pre-code comic book writer and editor ruth roche
Roche started as a writer at the Will Eisner- Jerry Iger studio.  She wrote stories for “Phantom Lady”, “Senorita Rio”, “Sheena, Queen of the Jungle”, “Kaanga”, and “Camilla”. ruth roche experiment in terror
She is also credited for writing the pre-code horror tale EXPERIMENT IN TERROR, one of the three stories adapted into segments for WITCH TALES.  Experiment in Terror (shown on the cover of FANTASTIC FEARS #8) was originally published in HAUNTED THRILLS.


bon appetit aka chefs delightBON APPETIT, originally known as CHEF’S DELIGHT, was also later released as FOOD FOR GHOULS in Eerie Publication’s WEIRD magazine in the 1960s. It first appeared in MYSTERIOUS ADVENTURES #20 in 1954.

CYCLE OF HORROR COMIC BOOK STORYCYCLE OF HORROR originally appeared in CHAMBER OF CHILLS #16 from Harvey Comics in 1953. The writer is unknown, probably the editor at the time, but the artist was Al Eadeh, who did a lot of work for Harvey in the 50s.
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Pre-Code Horror Anthology WITCH TALES (2020) Blu-Ray and VOD Release

Witch Tales horror vod blurayReel Progress LLC is pleased to announce the official blu-ray and VOD release of the Pre-Code horror comic anthology movie WITCH TALES.
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The enchanting Witch presents three tales of terror based upon 1950s pre-code horror comic book stories in the style of TALES FROM THE CRYPT.
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Pre-code Horror Anthology Movie Wins Big at Film Festivals

witch tales horror anthologyCuentos de la Bruja aka Witch Tales, the latest feature film by Mike Lyddon, has ended it’s year long festival run having been selected in 13 film festivals worldwide winning 6 awards including best feature film.
Witch Tales, also known as Cuentos de la Bruja, was filmed in Peru.  Mike Lyddon is currently editing the English language version of the film.  The Spanish language version is an official selection in one last festival, Horror On Sea, taking place in January, 2020.
The film has three stories adapted from the lesser known pre-code horror comic books of the 1950s.  Lyddon is a big fan of those comic books and is also working on a documentary called Haunted Thrills which will hit the festivals in 2020.
He has also just sold his first short story, “Thing in the Shed,” which has been published by Deadman’s Tome in the collection titled “Monster Party” and is available here.
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Ace Magazine Pre-Code Horror Comics

ACE MAGAZINES published several pre-code horror titles including BAFFLING MYSTERIES which lasted 22 issues from November 1951 – October 1955.ace magazines baffling mysteries
Artists included Jim McLaughlin, Charles Nicholas, Lin Streeter.
Known for the classic covers which depict someone looking at a painting or ancient drawing and saying “Why that couldn’t possibly exist!” Meanwhile said impossible creature, ghost, monster is lurking behind them.
Some of the more tame horror comic books of the pre-code era, but with some snappy covers.
hand of fate 15
ACE MAGAZINES pre-code comic book title THE HAND OF FATE – 19 issues from Dec. 1951 to Dec. 1954.
Next up in the pre-code line from ACE and less remarkable than THE BEYOND.
Toward the end of the series, they brought in the “Fate” character on the covers as a kind of host.
“What was that noise? OHH!” and other unintentionally hilarious dialog from WEB OF MYSTERY – ACE COMICS – 29 issues from Feb. 1951 to Sept. 1955.
Some of the more tepid of the pre-code horror comics era, WEB OF MYSTERY often had characters reacting to horrific things with phrases like “Flee! The giant werewolf has awakened from his forest sleep!”
web of mystery 20
The cover for WEB OF MYSTERY #17 features the menacing witch head aka “Tunnel of Love” story is by Lou Cameron.
Cameron was the artist for many of the Classics Illustrated series including adaptations of novels by Herbert George Wells, Ann S. Stephans, Alexandre Dumas, Emile Zola and Robert Louis Stevenson.
He did a lot of pre-code horror comics for ATLAS, ST. JOHN,DC and ACE.
You can watch the Ace Magazines video here.

Pre-code Horror Comic Books from Standard Comics

Standard Comics pre code horrorSTANDARD COMICS presents OUT OF THE SHADOWS – 10 issues from July 1952 to August 1954.
A ton of great artists did pre-code horror comics for STANDARD including Alex Toth (also known for animation designs for Space Ghost, Sealab 2020 in the 1960’s), George Roussos who penciled the great spider creature cover pictured here (he drew comics for EC as well), George Tuska, Vince Colletta and Jack Katz.
Several of these issues are highly sought after and demand big bucks in the collectors’ world.
standard comics pre code horrorADVENTURES INTO DARKNESS from Standard Comics – 10 issues from August 1952 to June 1954.
Standard employed some of the best artists from the pre-code era including George Roussos, Ross Andru, Mike Esposito, Jack Katz, Alex Toth, Nick Cardy and George Tuska, just to name a few.
The awesome skeleton shadow cover (The Man Who Could Not Die) for issue number 10 was drawn by Ross Andru who is probably best known for his work on The Amazing Spider-Man comics from Marvel.
The stories in this series tended to be more classic horror in nature and we some excellent pieces of original art from some of the stories in Adventures into Darkness on
pre-code horror comic book The UnseenTHE UNSEEN
Standard Comics – 11 issues from June 1952 – July 1954.
Featuring the usual lot of artists and writers from the other Standard horror titles such as Alex Toth, Ross Andru, Mike Esposito, Jerry Grandenetti, Abe Simon, Irwin Shapiro, Jack Katz, George Roussos.
There are some great stories in this title and we’ll present some original art with the next post.
The Wailing Woman by George Roussos in issue #9 is based upon the classic hispanic horror tale of “La Llorona,” wherein Mexico City is haunted by the “Wailing Woman.”
Some images and scans from Heritage Auctions and
Watch the Standard Comics video.
pre code horror comic books

Strange Stories from Another World

Fawcett pre-code horror comic booksSTRANGE STORIES FROM ANOTHER WORLD
Featuring the gloriously ghoulish pre-code painted horror covers of Norman Saunders.
Fawcett – 4 issues from Aug 1952 to Feb 1953.
Pictured here are all 4 issues of this extremely short series.
The outstanding feature of this title is that all the covers were painted by the great Norm Saunders (1907 – 1989) who was a successful commercial artist for decades, perhaps most famous for the wildly popular MARS ATTACKS trading card series which eventually spawned the movie of the same name directed by Tim Burton.
Thanks to the Grand Comics Database.

strange stories from another world

Web of Evil Part One

WEB OF EVIL – Part 1
Quality Comics. 21 issues from 1952 – 1954.
Quality Comics was famous for super hero titles like PLASTIC MAN, but when they got into pre-code horror comics, their go-to artist, JACK COLE ended up making some of the most sought after PCH comics in the collectors’ field today.
Cole’s electrocution cover for issue 5 is among the most popular covers, selling at hefty prices…if you can find a copy!
It is thought that Cole also wrote some of the stories in Web of Evil, and indeed this series supplied some of the best terror tales in the pre-code period.
Check out VALLEY OF HORROR in issue #8, one of my personal favorites. This story can also be found reprinted in FOUR COLOR FEAR from Fantagraphics and HAUNTED HORROR #5 from IDW.
Watch the Web of Evil Video.
WEB OF EVIL – Part 2
Quality Comics. 21 issues from 1952 – 1954.
We finish our look at WEB OF EVIL with some of the latter issues in the series. By this time, the great JACK COLE was no longer doing covers (or much of anything) with the series, but it is interesting to note that REED CRANDALL, one of the greats from the EC Comics line who would eventually do a lot of fantastic stories for CREEPY and EERIE magazines (Warren Publishing) in the 60’s and 70’s, did the cover for issue number 14 pictured here with the title WITCH OF DEATH.
Charles Nicholas was doing the lion’s share of interior art for WEB OF EVIL for the remainder of the series.
Many thanks to for additional pics and info.
web of evil 1

Ghostly Weird Stories from Star Publications

ghostly weird stories 123

GHOSTLY WEIRD STORIES (5 issues from September 1953 – September 1954)German-born L.B. Cole’s Star Publications is mostly remembered for the amazing covers rendered by Cole himself and the stories drawn by British artist Jay Disbrow which were typically based upon Cole’s cover art. Unfortunately, most of the other stuff inside the comics were reprints from earlier titles, but L.B. Cole’s eye-catching covers still demand huge sums of money in the collectors’ market today.