Chilling Tales 15 Pre-code Horror Comic Book from Youthful Comics 1953

Chilling Tales 15 Pre-code Horror Comic Book from Youthful Comics 1953.

Today we are looking at a facsimile of issue number 15 of Chilling Tales pre-code horror comic book From Youthful Comics originally published in April of 1953. One of the things that I love about this comic book is the great Matt Fox cover.
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Fantastic Pre-code Comics Artist Matt Fox

If you’re not familiar with Matt Fox, he started off doing really fantastic covers for Weird Tales pulp magazine and you can still find those. I see them occasionally on eBay and they’re not cheap but they are really quite spectacular. Some of my favorite Weird Tales covers are from Matt Fox and he ended up doing a few covers for Chilling Tales. This is one of them. I love his primitive art style. It’s iconic. You know Matt Fox right off the bat when you see his art, it’s something quite unique. Comic book ad: 333 all different exciting and unusual stamps only 25 cents, wow! The most famous stamp ever issued, the sensational Goya nude. I’ve never seen that one up close and personal, fantastic.

Chilling Tales 15 Contents

We begin with the Hounds of Hell by Harry Harrison. Yes, that is the same Harry Harrison the science fiction writer famous for the Stainless Steel Rat and Make Room, Make Room.  The latter was made into a film called Soylent Green starring Charlton Heston. This is the very same Harry Harrison doing the art and story for this the Hounds of Hell.
Next up we have a story called The Monster drawn by Harry Kiefer. Then, a two-page text story called The Phantom of the Opera. Here we have Curse of the Tomb with pencils by Joe Galoti and inks by Lang. A crude yet effective splash page. Last on the list is a story called Sacrifice by Vince Napoli.
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Chilling Tales 15 Matted Print Error

There you have it folks, Chilling Tales issue number 15 from April 1953. My favorite thing about this issue is the Fantastic Matt Fox cover. When I bought this facsimile, it also came with an oversized matted print of the cover from Bud plant. P.S art books has this combo deal where you buy the facsimile and you get an oversized matted print of the cover. The reproduction is absolutely spot on but there’s a little bit of a problem.  On the bottom of these matted prints that they have they typically give you the info such as “Chilling Tales number 15 with the publisher and the artist. Unfortunately, they have Star Publications listed as the publisher but it’s not Star Publications. Chilling Tales was published by Youthful Comics.

I contacted PS art books and I said “Hey guys, you’ve got a little screw up here with the credit to Star Publications when it should be Youthful. They got back to me and said that they would correct it and send me a new print with the correction. It’s been almost a year so I don’t doing a correction and it appears that they really give a damn. I hope you enjoyed this look at Chilling Tales number 15 from April 1953 and as always please like And subscribe.

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Weird Tales of the Future 8 Published by Stanley Morse in 1953

Weird Tales of the Future number eight originally published by Stanley Morse, July-August of 1953. Facsimile Edition and over-sized matted print published by PS art books.  Original video here.

weird tales of the future 8 facsilmile Today we are looking at a facsimile comic book of Weird tales of the Future number eight from July August 1953. It includes a fantastic over-sized matted cover of that issue. The artwork is by the awe-inspiring Bernard Bailey. Let’s see just how well P.S art books did singular facsimile copy of this rare pre-code horror comic book. I have various volumes by PS art books but I have never purchased a single issue facsimile. The oversized matted art print is excellent, they did a fantastic job on the reproduction. Needless to say, this is going on my wall very soon. Fantastic cover by Bernard Bailey, one of my favorite covers from the pre-code era. The reproduction is excellent. They also give you the information at the bottom of the print which reads “Weird Tales of the Future number eight, Aragon magazines Inc., July 1953. Art by Bernard Bailey. It all came very well packaged by Bud plant’s As far as the facsimile comic book, I have no complaints whatsoever. As you can see the front cover was reproduced very well and the back cover exactly the way the comic was originally published with all of the ads and everything.

Splash of Horror

Splash of Horror SOLD OUT!
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My new 64 page full color and black and white book about those gruesome and glorious rare pre-code horror comic book splash pages of the 1940’s and 50’s.  This terrifying tome features dozens of full color splash pages and fantastic black and white selections from Stanley Morse and the infamous Eerie Pubs helmed by Myron Fass.

The Pre-code horror comic book stories inside

bernard baily weird tales of the future pre-code comic book coverFirst up we have a story called High Voltage with pencils and inks by Hy Fleischman, an artist who did many stories for Stanley Morse’s Weird Tales of the Future, Weird Mysteries, etc.  Frank Frollo did the pencils and inks for The Planet Eaters while the next story, Death Takes a Holiday was penciled and inked by Nick Frank.




Vampire Legends at Sea

Next, there is an excellent section here called “Weird Mysteries” where they talk about various horrifying and creepy Legends and lore. They talk about vampire cases and here’s an excerpt: Sometime in the year 1867 a fishing boat sailed from Boston. One of the crew was a Portuguese who called himself John Brown. At Sea, two of the sailors mysteriously disappeared. The captain went into the hold of the ship and saw the body of one of these men in the clutches of brown who was sucking blood from it. Nearby, the bloodless body of the other sailor was found. Brown was tried convicted and sentenced to be hanged but the sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment. The story of this vampire appeared in the pages of the Brooklyn Eagle on November 4th, 1892.

Art by Mike Esposito and Lofredo

The next comic story is called A Stone’s Throw from Eternity with art by Lofredo. Once again,
I think the color reproductions are very well done, really Crisp. The Last Story the spirits from outer space pencils by Walter Palace and inks by Mike Esposito.
There you go folks, well worth it in my opinion. You typically expect to pay about 15 bucks for a good facsimile of a comic book and I would certainly pay 15 bucks for this really top-notch over-sized matted print of the cover. I hope you enjoyed this video on weird tales of the future number eight facsimile Edition by PS art books and this great matted print of the cover.