Bare Bones Magazine 2021-Web Terror Tales Spicy Caroline Munro

Bare Bones Magazine 2021 Featuring Web Terror Tales And Spicy Caroline Munro Ads

Today we are looking at Bare Bones quarterly issue number six spring of 2021 published by Cimarron Street books.
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bare-bones-magazine-web terror tales caroline munro

Bare Bones Magazine Content

On the cover it states “Bare Bones magazine: unearthing vintage forgotten and overlooked horror, mystery, sci-fi, Western, and weird in film, paperbacks, Comics, Pulp Fiction, and video.”
In the table of contents we have “The overlooked Library” by Don Diamassa and Moon of the Wolf by Matthew Bradley.  The annotated guide to Web Terror stories by Peter Infantino and a British horror Anthology Series by David a Sutton.  Then get ready for the spicy Caroline Munro Lamb’s Navy rum campaign by John Scolari and digging into crime digests by Richard Krauss.
S. Craig Zahler rounds things out with 10 quick takes including a look at Lovecraft fiction.
On page 75 we have the Outer Limits on home video by Craig Beam and on page 91 “Sleaze Alley” followed by R and D by David Xiao.

Web Terror Stories Pulp Digest

web-terror-storiesA great article by Peter Infantino called “Mistress of the putrefying Lash: the complete and unedited look at the sleazy world of web Terror stories.” Not only does Infantino go issue by issue but he breaks down the issues with all of the stories Within which is fantastic. Web Terror Stories was a 1960’s pulp digest and men’s adventure magazine published by Candar Publishing company, featuring many scantilly clad damsels in distress. The pulp digest began as Saturn, a science-fiction magazine, became Web Detective Stories, then upped the ante with stories tinged with bondage and S&M in Web Terror Stories.
Next up we have the “Pipes of pan and its dark voices” horror Anthology Series in Britain by David a Sutton.

Spicy Caroline Munro Ads

caroline-munro-lambs-rumCaroline Munro joins the Lamb’s Navy! An in-depth report on Caroline Munro’s various spicy ads for Lamb’s rum written by John Scolari very well done very in-depth with a ton of photos of course they are in black and white but for the most part they’re well reproduced.

Lovecraft and The Outer Limits

Craig Zahler contributes to this issue with 10 quick takes reviews of various books including the Doom that came to Sarnath and Other Stories by H.P Lovecraft.
“I am controlling transmission.” Collecting the Outer Limits on home video by Craig Beam. There is a nice ad for The Outer Limits on VHS for only 19.95. This is a very in-depth article covering the outer limits home video VHS offerings. They also present some color images from the outer limits Home Video Collection.

Classic Sleaze Alley Paperback Covers

Sleaze Alley reviews by Peter Infantino and great great covers here which are appropriately sleazy including the illustration for “Sin Cult” by Bruno Descasari.
On page 99 we have David Schow with a very interesting article about the Twilight Zone magazine which ran for 60 issues from 1981 to 1989.
In the back of the book we have the Bios page for all of the contributors in this issue.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at Bare Bones issue number six for spring of 2021. I highly recommend Bare Bones magazine, it is very well done. If you’re interested in the subject of unearthing vintage forgotten and overlooked horror, mystery, sci-fi, Western, and weird film paperbacks, Comics, Pulp Fiction, and video, you should really check out Bare Bones Magazine.
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LOVECRAFT Cosmic HORROR Halloween Issue of Lovecraftiana

Lovecraft cosmic horror fiction art Lovecraftiana

London based Rogue Planet Press, an imprint of Horrified Press, has recently released Lovecraftiana Halloween 2021 magazine to delight Lovecraft cosmic horror fans everywhere.
Featuring fiction by JL Royce, Brittany Groves, Lee Clark Zumpe, Danny Nicholas, Chris Sebastian, Greg Fewer, Gavin Chappell, Carlton Herzog, and exclusive art by Mike T. Lyddon, the Lovecraftiana Halloween issue is available in print and on Kindle through Amazon.
The print edition is highly recommend for the amazing job they did on the illustration reproductions including Lyddon’s almost three dimensional cover piece based upon Lovecraft’s “Dreams in the Witch House.”  The deep gloss black finish makes Lovecraft’s Brown Jenkin character based upon the Bryan Moore sculpture come to life and jump off the page!
134 pages of cosmic horror madness awaits you with the new edition of Lovecraftiana.  Surrender to the madness!
Click here for this specially priced issue.

Mike Lyddon Interviewed on Wicked Horror Show

Filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon is a guest on the WICKED HORROR SHOW podcastwith hosts Tony and Kevin. They discuss Lyddon’s latest feature length horror anthology movie WITCH TALES, his last film FIRST MAN ON MARS, and his latest project, a pre-code comics documentary called HAUNTED THRILLS covering all the lesser known publishers of sci-fi, horror and crimes comics of the early 1950s.
Also, we talk about THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON and the surging popularity of COSMIC HORROR in both print and movies.  Fans of H.P. Lovecraft will find this of particular interest.
Was THE BLOB the first film made about Cosmic Horror?
Lyddon is an award-winning writer, producer, director and special makeup effects artist known for the films Cut Up (1994), Zombie! vs. Mardi Gras (1999), Horror Anthology Movie Vol. 1 (2013) and Vol. 2 (2014) and First Man on Mars (2016). Short films include The Cordyceps Principle (2013), Thing in the Shed (2013), Footage Found Arabi (2013) and By the Hair of the Head (2014). He also filmed over 100 live indigenous and traditional music videos in South America for HowlingEarth.Com.
Witch Tales: On Halloween night, the enchanting girl next door wants to invite you in for a treat….or a TRICK. Witch Tales is a horror anthology movie featuring three gruesome tales of terror presented by a seductive witch while she concocts a very special brew during Halloween eve.  The English version trailer is presented in the show.
First Man in Mars: The countdown to terror has begun. Astronaut Eli Cologne became the first man on Mars, but something went horribly wrong. Infected by an alien organism, he returned to Earth a savage monster with an unquenchable thirst for human flesh.  The original trailer is presented in the show.
Click here to watch the show.Wicked Horror Show welcomes indie filmmaker Mike T Lyddon