RARE Eerie Publications HORROR Cover Art Prints PLUS The Weird World of Eerie Pubs

Several years ago I was fortunate enough to get a hold of four prints that were taken off the original art used on Eerie Publications magazines including Tales of Voodoo, Terror Tales, Horror Tales and Weird.  There could have been some more but I think those were the prime issues they were using.
Publisher Myron Fass took pre-code horror comic book stories from the 1950’s and either reprinted, re-drew, or added blood and gore to the original artwork to print in these magazines.
The guy that owns the original art did a spectacular job as you can see doing these prints. The reproductions are fantastic. I tried to bring it up so you could really get a good look at it but it does cut off the top but as you can see the top is simply you know was reserved for the title like Terror Tales is gonna go up there so that’s kind of what we’re missing which is not much. This is for Terror Tales April of 1973.
The artist Bill Alexander who would do the mother-lode of art for the these horror magazines from Erie Publications.  In this scene a flying vampire woman that’s coming in menacing this poor half-naked girl in a cemetery and you’ve got this Green Ghoul down here pulling her into the ground while another vampire looks on.  He’s like “yeah, I’m coming in for some of that action too.” Now I’m going to show you how it turned out with the cover for Terror Tales and you will see… Continue reading “RARE Eerie Publications HORROR Cover Art Prints PLUS The Weird World of Eerie Pubs”