Adventures into the Unknown

ACG Comics Adventures into the UnknownWilliam Gaines famously declared that EC Comics were the first horror comics published.
But he was wrong.
In 1947, Avon published a one-shot all horror comic book called EERIE, which would pick up again a few years later, and ACG started publishing ADVENTURES INTO THE UNKNOWN at the end of 1948, nearly a year before EC got into the game.
It should also be pointed out that ATLAS Comics, helmed by Stan “The Man” Lee, already had a few issues of all horror comic books published before EC.
The best covers from ADVENTURES INTO THE UNKNOWN are from early issues drawn by the great Edvard Moritz.
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Those OTHER Horror Comics of the 1950s

We all love the art and artists of the EC horror comics, and those delightfully deranged mags will be remembered in infamy throughout history.
However, during the same time when William Gaines was publishing Tales from the Crypt through EC Comics,  dozens of other publishers were churning out many different pre-code horror, crime and sci-fi titles, and this is what GHOST CLINIC is dedicated to.
Some of the amazing artists who gave Gaines a run for his money and created some of the greatest pre-code comics of all time will all be honored in these hallowed pages of comics horror!