The Mystery of Bad 3-D in Horror Comics Finally SOLVED!

I love a good pre-code horror comic book, and one of my favorites is the St. John Publishing’s 3-D HOUSE OF TERROR published circa 1953 featuring the fantastic art of Joe Kubert who did the first story called “Picture of Evil” with an amazing 3-D splash page that is one of the greatest examples of 3D I have ever seen.  It pops right off the page!
I bought some Eclipse comics Seduction of the Innocent 3-D issues 1 and 2 a few years back which came with a pair of “3D glasses” and I was not impressed with the 3-D at all.  After a short while it kind of gave me a headache and I couldn’t enjoy the stories as much as I wanted to.
Well, a few days ago I got the MR. MONSTER 3-D comic book from Eclipse and discovered something profound with 3-D that I never realized before!
So I made a video about it, would you like to see it?  Well here it is!
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3-D mystery solved, enjoy your 3D comics by watching my video