Ghostly Weird Stories from Star Publications

ghostly weird stories 123

GHOSTLY WEIRD STORIES (5 issues from September 1953 – September 1954)German-born L.B. Cole’s Star Publications is mostly remembered for the amazing covers rendered by Cole himself and the stories drawn by British artist Jay Disbrow which were typically based upon Cole’s cover art. Unfortunately, most of the other stuff inside the comics were reprints from earlier titles, but L.B. Cole’s eye-catching covers still demand huge sums of money in the collectors’ market today.

Those OTHER Horror Comics of the 1950s

We all love the art and artists of the EC horror comics, and those delightfully deranged mags will be remembered in infamy throughout history.
However, during the same time when William Gaines was publishing Tales from the Crypt through EC Comics,  dozens of other publishers were churning out many different pre-code horror, crime and sci-fi titles, and this is what GHOST CLINIC is dedicated to.
Some of the amazing artists who gave Gaines a run for his money and created some of the greatest pre-code comics of all time will all be honored in these hallowed pages of comics horror!